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A simple, hearty vegetarian leek tart needs nothing more than a colorful salad and glass of white wine.

Why should pie get all the glory? Tonight, switch up your pastry game with these 15 savory tarts just waiting for a side salad and glass of chilled wine. Savory tarts are a great way to make the most of prime produce season, utilizing a bevy of vegetables and herbs. And don’t think it’s all about quiche — while some of these tarts do call for eggs, there’s a whole world of styles eager to get into your pie tin.

Recipe: Leek Tart With Feta And Dill

Kate spent her college years happily working at a little Greek restaurant in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the scents of dill and feta have a Proustian effect on her. There’s an easy elegance about this low-slung tart that combines those two flavors with leeks in an unfussy custard of eggs and yogurt. When preparing the dough, consider doubling the recipe and stashing half of it in the freezer.

roast beet and feta tart recipe
A roasted beet and feta tart is a colorful, healthy way to showcase your savory baking skills.

Recipe: Roasted Beet And Feta Tart

This tart is all about the feta. You could easily swap out the roast beetroot for roast pumpkin, leeks or any other veggies you like.

Smoked Cheddar And Onion Tarts Recipe
Tiny tarts that are filled with gooey and smoky cheddar.

Recipe: Smoked Cheddar And Onion Tarts

When it comes to the basics, look no further than a cookbook by renowned Test Kitchen master Pamela Clark. Her simple, triple-tested recipes are delicious and genuinely foolproof. Her newest book, Pocket Pies, celebrates empanadas, pasties, turnovers and more from the world of sweet and savory handheld pastry. This smoked cheddar and onion tart makes quiche look like beginner’s brunch. Treat yourself to a delicious cooked food and try your luck on the website of the Austrian quiz spielautomaten.

Tangy labneh, a kind of strained yogurt, pairs with zucchini and thyme for an elegant, hearty vegetarian tart.

Recipe: Zucchini, Labneh And Thyme Tart

This tart is incredibly easy to make and looks so elegant. It’s delicious served with a salad as a main meal, or you could wrap a slice in foil to take out with you as a packed lunch.

lamb and grape leaf tarts
These savory lamb and grape leaf tarts are a great way to freshen up your Middle Eastern baking repertoire.

Recipe: Lamb And Grape Leaf Tarts

These lamb and grape leaf tarts were inspired by a traditional Greek yogurt and semolina custard that is baked in grape leaves. It is a version of dolma, which means “stuffed” in both Turkish and Greek and is often associated with grape leaves that are stuffed with rice and rolled like short cigars. I love this version because the grape leaves get crispy and a little caramelized, a nice combination with the briny flavor of the leaves.

Peak-season tomatoes and rich, salty anchovies pair perfectly in this eye-catching savory French tart.

Recipe: Tomato And Anchovy Tart

Nobody makes a sweet or savory tart like the French, which is why we’re powering through this new book of recipes from Michelin-starred Paris chefs Frederic Anton and Christelle Brua. From seasonal fruit and rich chocolate to leafy greens, hearty fish and tender meat, there’s a pastry shell for every filling you crave.

Seasonal mushrooms, sweet cooked onions and fresh sage make this a delightful brunch dish. We assume it’ll make great leftovers, too — that is, if you manage not to finish it all at once.
Seasonal mushrooms, sweet cooked onions and fresh sage make this a delightful brunch dish. We assume it’ll make great leftovers, too — that is, if you manage not to finish it all at once.

Recipe: Onion, Mushroom And Sage Custard Tart

This flavorful tart is perfect for baking the day before you serve it. All you need to do is warm it up when it’s time for brunch. If you can find them, use seasonal mushrooms.

Photo: Clare Barboza
Photo: Clare Barboza

Recipe: Smoked Salmon Crème Fraîche Tart

This savory tart is my number one excuse for picking up a little smoked salmon at the farmers’ market. I fold it into a crème fraîche custard filling flecked with dill for a simple, versatile midday dish. Since you can enjoy the tart warm or at room temperature, it’s also a fine contender for brunch, outdoor picnics or morning potlucks. Whereas many savory tarts and quiches are weighed down with heavy cheeses, this recipe feels light and fluffy in comparison. It’s great with a small green salad (I love including some bitter mustard greens), seasonal sliced fruit or a simple cup of soup.

Make this tart as a main dish or appetizer.
Make this tart as a main dish or appetizer.

Recipe: Pissaladière Tart

This savory caramelized onion tart hails from Nice in the Provence region of France. Known for its thick dough and lusty topping of flavorful onion confit and luscious Caillette or Niçoise olives, this sophisticated pizza can be enjoyed as an appetizer or main dish. To save time, you can use ready-made pizza dough for the crust instead of making your own. You can also divide the dough into quarters and make four individual sizes instead. Use a gluten-free pizza dough to make this gluten free.

Get wild with this tart. (Photo: Emma Lee.)
Get wild with this tart. (Photo: Emma Lee.)

Recipe: Wild Mushroom, Watercress And Blue Cheese Tart

The hills and mountains of Spain provide the perfect growing conditions for wild mushrooms and nowhere do the Spanish love to go picking these delicacies more than in the northeastern regions. There you will find chanterelles, pied bleu, pied de mouton, trompette de la mort, oyster, porcini and saffron milk cap. Wild mushrooms go extremely well with blue cheese and walnuts, so this is my recipe for a tart using all three, which is, by the way, an excellent dish for vegetarians. I always make this for my friend Catriona when she comes over to help me with my website.

Onion Tarte Tatin
Use sweet, tender pearl onions to their most delicious potential in this savory tart.

Recipe: Pearl Onion Tarte Tatin

Before you start, place your raw onions in the skillet and make sure that they fit very snugly. They will shrink a bit as they cook, so if you start with a slightly crowded pan, you’ll end up with perfect coverage. We usually make this with a mix of onion types, so there’s some pretty variation in color even as they caramelize. Likewise, we call for white balsamic vinegar, as regular balsamic will darken the onions more than we like. Serve this with a crisp, sharp salad and maybe a cup of soup.

Tarte Flambée With Summer Squash Recipe
A savory summer tart packed with seasonal squash.

Recipe: Tarte Flambée With Summer Squash

If there’s one simple French dish you master, let it be tarte flambée. This traditional Alsatian recipe from Chef Michael Toscano of New York City’s Montmartre restaurant features crispy bits of fatty bacon called lardons, plus sweet, seasonal summer squash, caramelized onions and tangy crème fraîche. It’s a savory treat not to be missed.

Seasonal tomato stars in this tart. (Photo: Ann Stratton)
Seasonal tomato stars in this tart. (Photo: Ann Stratton)

Recipe: Heirloom Tomato And Mozzarella Tart

It might seem like a shame to cook the bounty of summer heirloom tomatoes that’s right around the corner, which is why this tomato tart features the best of both worlds. You get ripe, juicy slices of tomato that aren’t so cooked that they disintegrate, but are slightly mellowed and sweetened from a brief stint in the oven. Combined with fresh mozzarella and a Parmesan-spiked tart crust, this perfect summer lunch isn’t your ordinary pizza pie.

pizza rustica
Don’t mistake this as a calzone. (Photo: Alberto Peroli.)

Recipe: Pizza Rustica

I doubt there is an Italian or Italian-American family that doesn’t have at least one version of a traditional pizza rustica recipe they dust off for a special occasion. I grew up with several variations of these savory pies, served as part of the antipasto course for Christmas and Easter. My great-grandmother made her pizza rustica with salami, prosciutto and ham. My grandmother followed the same recipe, except she used only pepperoni. My mother took up my grandmother’s recipe and we called it “pepperoni pie.”

A Vegetable Tart Recipe That Reminds Us That Spring Has Sprung
This tart is the epitome of spring.

Recipe: Spring Vegetable Tart

There’s no better way to enjoy beautiful spring vegetables than on simple crisp phyllo dough with all the accoutrements. We borrowed this recipe from Tom Aikens’ cookbook, Fresh, so we’d have a platform for all this farmers market produce we’ve been Instagramming non-stop. Hey, what would you do if presented with a spring vegetable tart this aesthetically pleasing?