The long weekend is finally here, get out and celebrate! But before we lose you, let’s wrap up what we learned this week. Restaurants in America are not doing well despite the rise of foodie culture, new shell lobster tastes different from its hard shell counterpart and Boxed Water may be a better option than bottled. We also rounded up all our best hot dog recipes for you sausage grillers out there. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics. Now go and set off some fireworks. America!

  1. America’s restaurant scene is going through a very interesting time.
  2. We learned the differences between hard and new shell lobster live on Instagram.
  3. Travelers going to Genoa, Italy can now bring souvenir pesto on board with them.
  4. How does the color of a plate influence the taste of what’s on it?
  5. Need a new way to eat eggs? This curry will solve all your egg-related problems.
  6. Ketchup and mustard are old news. Make these outstanding hot dog recipes for your July 4th cookout.
  7. Scientists in Nigeria are trying to solve their yam problem.
  8. What’s a sustainable way to drink water? From this carton.
  9. In the market for a new green to eat? Tomato leaves are tender, fragrant and here for you.
  10. Poke is here to stay. Here’s why.