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Serve this egg and okra curry over a fragrant bowl of rice.

Face it: you’re woefully undereducated when it comes to the food of Myanmar — and so were we until we picked up a copy of Burma Superstar. Packed with vibrant flavors both familiar and entirely new, this book based on recipes from the beloved San Francisco restaurant of the same name is a fantastic primer on Burmese cuisine. This egg and okra curry is a comfort dish throughout the region. 

While eggs and okra are the headliner ingredients of this simple curry, don’t over­look the virtues of the simple sauce. Made from slow-cooked shallots, garlic, and tomatoes and a generous amount of turmeric, it’s so popular that the staff at sister restaurant Burma Love spoons it alone over rice. Shallots (or onions) are used in two places — minced for the sauce and sliced for texture. In Myanmar, cooks fry hard-boiled eggs to help them hold their shape in this classic curry, but not everyone is a fan of the ensuing rubbery texture. Frying isn’t actually necessary: adding the eggs at the end preserves their shape just fine.

Reprinted with permission from Burma Superstar