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This is only one of 17 beautiful ham and egg sandwiches.

Lists ranked high this week. We have a list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, a list of 17 ham and egg sandwiches, and the list of the world’s different blood sausages. We also found out why Japan sells melons worth tens of thousands of dollars, why Portland chef Jenn Louis loves greens so much and what happens when you put a marshmallow in a vacuum chamber. With that said, here’s a list of our top 10 stories from this week.

  1. This year’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants List was announced this week. New York City snagged the top spot.
  2. We were live with Portland chef Jenn Louis on Facebook. We talked greens, her new cookbook and her new restaurant.
  3. This vegan restaurant in Spain stirred some controversy with its baby-feeding policy.
  4. What happens when you stick a bear-shaped marshmallow in a vacuum chamber? Watch and see for yourself.
  5. Japan is home to the outrageously beautiful, expensive fruit.
  6. What’s does Estonia call their blood sausage? This excerpt will tell you.
  7. Where can you get fresh Italian seafood outside of Italy? Las Vegas.
  8. This year’s James Beard Awards host runs his own lifestyle and food blog and stars in Modern Family.
  9. Change up your oyster game and serve the bivalves with smoked hollandaise sauce.
  10. Can you think of 17 ham and egg sandwiches? The fine folks at Egg Shop in NYC can and they’re beautiful.