These Melons Cost More Than A Year Of College Tuition

In Japan, it's what's on the outside that counts when it comes to fruits like melons and strawberries.

Specially cultivated watermelons grow into perfect cubes, pyramids and hearts, and can run up to $100 apiece in Japan, according to CNN. Last year in Hokkaido, a pair of cantaloupes sold for USD $27,240. To put that in perspective, a year of public college for out-of-state students averages out to about $24,930, according to College Board.

Scoop-shaped strawberries the size of tennis balls are most prized, and sell for $4,395 each. Fruit farmer Okuda Nichio grows this extra-special variety, and told CNN he's spent 15 years perfecting the varietal. Each berry takes 45 days to grow, so only 500 can be produced each year. A bunch of golf ball-sized Ruby Roman grapes, named for their color, can go for upwards of $880.

According to CNN, specialty fruit is such a fixture in Japanese culture because of the social and religious culture of gifting.