This Vegan Restaurant Won't Let Babies Drink Animal Milk

Most restaurants have a strict anti-outside food policy. This vegan restaurant has a strict no-feeding-babies-milk-from-animals policy.

According to BBC, El Vergel de Tarragona in Spain hangs a sign on their door that prohibits bottle feeding in the restaurant. One mother claimed on TripAdvisor that she was "humiliated" when she tried feeding her baby. Other negative reviews have surfaced and attracted attention from local news outlets, which led Facebook commenters to do what they do best. One Facebook user wrote:

"I am a vegan and I think that, in the case of babies, you are mistaken in thinking it is a matter of reflection... as you know there are no 'vegan' options available. There are choices for everyone but for very young babies there aren't, so I think you should have been more flexible on this point."

BBC reports that the restaurant doesn't plan on rescinding the policy and even cited animal welfare as their purpose for the rule.

In Italy, a politician went as far as drawing up a law that would prohibit parents from feeding kids 16 years old and younger a vegan diet. No news on whether or not the law was passed.