NYC’s beloved Egg Shop is a breakfast sandwich institution visited at all hours of the day (and night). Check out an egg-cerpt from their shiny new cookbook — which of these ham and egg sandwiches from Egg Shop is your favorite? Personally, we could watch this scroll forever…

One day after a very long lunch service the staff was “unwinding” at the local. A friendly debate began regarding which menu item had been the most popular the previous month. We went back and forth between the Avo Egg, the B.E.C., and the El Camino. Unwinding, as we tend to do it, usually results in placing bets on nonsensical and harmless things.

EggShop author photo
Egg Shop chef Nick Korbee

At the time, Sarah Schneider (Egg Shop founder) was particularly interested in ham and egg sandwiches and organizing a tasting for possible new menu items. I was most interested in being right about the bet, as I was fully convinced I would emerge victorious. I was so confident I asked Sarah to pick a number between 1 and 20. She picked 17, a bold move. I was hoping for a number under 10. But, unwinding as we were, the bet proceeded and the stakes were named. If Sarah was correct regarding which item had been the most popular, I would be obligated to create and prepare a tasting of 17 variations of the ham and egg sandwich. I did not emerge victorious.

What follows is my creative exercise, a visual guide in miniature to those 17 sandwiches, with recipes for 3 of our favorites following. Cheers!

cubano con huevo

1. Cubano Con Huevo: a Cuban sandwich with a fried egg


2. Hamagatchi: hand roll with wasabi tobiko, avocado, diced ginger ham, and quail egg


3. Easterwich: Ginger honey ham and red-eye gravy on sourdough with asparagus

green eggs and ham

4. Green Eggs and Ham: pesto, double-cream ricotta, prosciutto crudo, pizza bianca

ham madame

5. Ham Madame: a croque madame-style toad in a hole

hamblin' man

6. Hamblin’ Man: sweet corn pudding, fried bologna, fried egg

going ham

7. Going Ham: a double-decker biscuit of chicken-fried ham and ham-fried chicken, with sunny-ups

ham radio

8. Ham Radio: 4 hams from across the globe, buttered toast, fried egg

hamblebar mustache

9. Hamdlebar Mustache: house-smoked honey ham, house-made beer mustard, house-made pickles, house-made egg bread, super-local peasant cheese, and Sriracha

der hammeister

10. Der Hammeister: Bavarian beer cheese, caraway pickled onions, Black Forest ham, Hamburg hot mustard, and a fried egg on a pretzel roll

bourbon boy

11. Bourbon Boy: Benton’s country ham, stone-ground grits, and fried egg on a jalapeno-cheddar biscuit with jalapeno jelly and sorghum on the side


12. Will.I.Ham: black-eyed pea hummus, Ferguson ham, herb mustard, egg over on a hard biscuit

hamson and delilah

13. Hamson and Delilah: hummus, sliced hard-boiled egg, turkey ham, and fattoush on pita

hamble on rose

14. Hamble on Rose: spicy rose hip jelly, fried egg, and Canadian bacon on San Francisco sourdough

i ham who i ham

15. I Ham Who I Ham: a triple-decker white bread and country ham stairway to ham heaven, with kale frittata caught in the middle

i ham what i ham

16. I Ham What I Ham: ham steak with creamed spinach spread and shaved green bean slaw on a sesame seed Kaiser roll, with olive oil on the side

holiday in waikiki

17. Holiday in Waikiki: grilled pickled pineapple, sunny-up, fried ham, pan con tomate

Reprinted with permission from Egg Shop: The Cookbook