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Ditch the mignonette for something creamy and smoky. Now get shucking!

Chef Nathan Outlaw has a new collection of seafood recipes out, with a focus on budget and nature-friendly dishes the home cook will love making over and over again. From fresh salads and simple fish fillets to more complex entrées requiring a bit of technique, like these oysters with smoked hollandaise, there are tons of delicious things in Everyday Seafood for you.

This is a fun dish to serve as a warm canapé or appetizer. I really like the way oysters—and their shells—give off an amazing aroma of the sea when you broil them. The smoked hollandaise is down to the genius of my head chef, Chris Simpson. I’ve also cooked these oysters on a barbecue—the additional smoke works wonders, so give it a go if you get the chance. Scallops in the shell, and half lobsters are also great served this way.

Reprinted with permission from Everyday Seafood