Happy Holy Frijoles Week! Mexican food is more than just tacos and rice and beans, so we delved into the complex cuisine that we all know and love. We found our favorite places to dine in Denver and Queens, New York, learned about all the different type of beans, decided which taco reigns supreme and explored Mexico’s seven culinary regions. We also met up with Jorge Gaviria, who wants to make American tortillas great once and for all. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  1. Here’s your guide to Mexico’s seven distinct culinary regions.
  2. America’s tortillas are just not up to par. This man wants to change that.
  3. Switch up your taco game and roast some spicy cauliflower tonight!
  4. Looking for great Mexican cuisine in New York? Take a trip out to Queens!
  5. Where does your favorite taco fall on our ranked list?
  6. When in Denver, check out these seven places for ridiculously great Mexican food.
  7. You know that funky-looking corn, huitlacoche? Here’s how you cook with it.
  8. Yes, Mexican pizza is a thing. We have the recipe.
  9. Do you know all the different types of beans? Here’s a guide if you don’t.
  10. Does big tequila have it in for small-batch mezcal? We investigate.