If you’re looking for a party snack that won’t let anyone down, consider the leftovers-friendly Mexican pizza. (Photos: Paul Harrison.)

I don’t eat fast food very often, but that’s not to say I’m not intrigued by some of the creations those places come up with. Some are good, others are bad, but behind every bad food idea there are good intentions. Take, for example, the Mexican pizza being peddled by a certain fast-food chain. In theory, not terrible. It’s like a mega-quesadilla-type thing and is certainly more acceptable than a “waffle taco” that’s just a crappy waffle rolled up with reconstituted eggs.

Here’s where they all go wrong: Their ingredients are shit. Any establishment that works on price point and volume is not going to use good ingredients. So we’re going to emulate the Mexican pizza but use better ingredients and put some extra love into it to make something that’s actually awesome. We’re using my beer beans and habanero-carrot sauce, and some real Oaxacan cheese (which is stretchy and melts like mozzarella). Basically the overall flavor is miles ahead of the original. I opted to make these vegetarian in the spirit of simplicity, but if you want some meat, here are some options for your filling (leftovers work great):