The arrival of model Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook was easily the high point of our week here at Food Republic. If anyone in our office wasn’t already enthralled with her, he or she certainly was after we re-created her trademark pounded Thai papaya salad. We explored some new concepts destined for the big stage, like Vietnamese tacos, nitro beer and a bunch of restaurant openings around the country. Meanwhile, we revisited a couple of products we’ve covered in the past, such as the availability of Iranian saffron and the deliciousness of Jeni’s ice cream. Also, we talked Sri Lankan egg hoppers, cooking with cheeks and homemade steak sauce! All that and more on this week’s 10 Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  1. Chrissy Teigen’s new cookbook is a Sriracha-stained page-turner!
  2. Vietnamese tacos are the new Korean tacos.
  3. Why you should make your own steak sauce. And how.
  4. This week in new restaurants: Tapas in Portland, hidden spot in NYC.
  5. So what exactly is nitro beer?
  6. Why is Iranian saffron still so hard to get in the U.S.?
  7. How and why to cook with beef, pork and fish cheeks. Recipes included.
  8. Here’s how to make a Sri Lankan egg hopper.
  9. Jeni’s ice cream is back! Here’s the (not-so) skinny.
  10. We made Chrissy Teigen’s pounded Thai papaya salad! So. Good.