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Hot, hotter, hottest: Three hot chicken levels offered at downtown Nashville's 400 Degrees. (Photo: Facebook.)

Kitchen tips and tricks — we’ve got ’em! What are all the different types of peppercorns? What dishes can you make with pig, chicken and cow feet? How do you cook with whole squid? Want to learn how to buy better shrimp? Don’t know what to do with that new indoor smoker? We’ve got you covered! We also paid a visit to Nashville in preparation for this weekend’s NHL All-Star festivities and wrote restaurant guides to both that city and Bogotá, Colombia, which is fast becoming a favorite vacation destination for Americans. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  1. Curious about all the different kinds of peppercorns? We’ve got answers.
  2. The best places to eat in downtown Nashville during NHL All-Star Weekend.
  3. How to cook with pig, chicken and cow feet. And why.
  4. Here are six tips for buying better shrimp.
  5. How to cook with whole squid, tentacles and all.
  6. The Japanese government is sick of subpar sushi. It’s taking action.
  7. How do you use an indoor smoker? Let us guide you!
  8. We’ve got the recipe for Bobby Flay’s smoked chicken pot pie.
  9. Headed to Bogotá, Colombia? We’ve got a guide on where to eat.
  10. We sat down to chat with the founder of Asian food festival Luckyrice.