Meatless Makeovers, Whole Chickens, 'Nduja: 10 Hot Topics On Food Republic

Classic French dishes prepared without meat? Cigarettes made with green tea? College food that doesn't include instant ramen? We were certainly exposed to a lot of intriguing novelties this week at Food Republic. We began the week exploring the growing vegetarian restaurant scene and cooking with 'nduja (contrasting ideas, we know) in New York City before branching out to our North American neighbors to discover a funky new hotel in Toronto and a contemporary mezcal bar in Oaxaca. We mastered a Turkish fried mussel roll recipe, agreed with the majority of Bon Appétit's America's 10 best new restaurants list and learned everything there is to know about cooking whole chickens. All that and more on this week's Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  • It's a better time than ever to be vegetarian in NYC!
  • Jamie Bissonnette teaches us how to cook with 'nduja.
  • Spoon University is taking over the college food world, one campus at a time.
  • This is everything you need to know about cooking whole chicken.
  • This Oaxacan bar combines impressive mezcals and modern architecture.
  • Faux gras! Classic French dishes are getting a meatless makeover.
  • Visiting Toronto? Let us tell you why you should stay at the Drake.
  • We're obsessed with this recipe for Turkish fried mussel rolls.

  • Bon Appétit announced its list of America's 10 best new restaurants.
  • Can green tea cigarettes really help you quit smoking?