Grilling Month, American Wine, Brown Ales: 10 Hot Topics On Food Republic

Meat! It's squarely on our minds as summer hits its stride going into the holiday weekend. We welcomed in our fifth annual Grilling Month this week and have a bunch of our favorite grilling recipes, interviews with grill-masters near and far, and tips, tricks and gear advice for home grillers planned through the end of the month. Speaking of meat, our resident butcher wrote in to tell us about the pleasures (and nutritional value) of eating offal, which he claims are the most overlooked cuts of meat. Why not pair your meat with a choice from our extensive guide to American summer wines? Or with a brown ale, which we maintain is due for a comeback? How about a barrel-strength spirit? We also interviewed Danny Meyer about the art of the cocktail bar, paid a visit to Montreal and its impressive food scene and made Van Leeuwen's black sesame ice cream over and over — and over — again. All that and more, on this week's Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  • We compared the Vietnamese-food hotbeds of Orange County and Houston.
  • Here's a guide to eating meat organs (offal), the most overlooked cuts of meat.
  • We interviewed Danny Meyer exclusively about the art of the cocktail bar.
  • Please drink more American wine this summer! Here's why.
  • Here's what you need to know about barrel-strength spirits.
  • We think brown ales are due for a big comeback.
  • Here are 6 places to eat and drink well in Montreal this summer.
  • Shopping for seafood comes down to a few simple rules. We investigated.
  • We're obsessed with Van Leeuwen's black sesame ice cream recipe.
  • It's Food Republic's fifth annual Grilling Month! Here's what we have planned.