We started making black sesame ice cream after we opened Selamat Pagi, our Balinese restaurant. We were looking to make more Asian flavors, and our Selamat Pagi chef at the time, Sophia Loch, suggested black sesame. It sounded like the perfect way to end a meal. Besides the flavor itself, inky black ice cream makes for a dramatic presentation. To make this ice cream, we grind sesame seeds with sugar and sesame oil and incorporate it into ice cream at the very end. While black sesame ice cream echoes Japanese traditions, the flavors perfectly complement Balinese ingredients, and our patrons really love the taste. You can also opt to swirl the sesame paste into the ice cream for a marbled effect — it will look and taste beautiful.

Ben’s note: You can also grind the toasted black sesame seeds with the sesame oil in a food processor. Including kosher salt results in a finer grind, as the abrasiveness of the salt helps wear down the individual sesame seeds.

Reprinted with permission from Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream