Beard Awards, Processed Cheese, Kimchi: 10 Hot Topics On Food Republic

This week was a lot about solving problems. From school lunches to bad veggie burgers, we checked out the chefs and recipes trying to create better meals. Some of those chefs were even recognized at Monday's Beard Awards! We also found out that vegan kimchi is just as good for your gut bacteria as the traditional stuff, which then led us to look up all of our favorite Korean recipes. And before we forget, Mother's Day is this Sunday. Get her something that her food-loving self will adore. All that and more on this week's Hot Topics.

  • The James Beard Award winners were announced on Monday. Check out the full list here.
  • Tired of the black bean hockey puck veggie burger? Whip up this chana chaat version instead.
  • Dan Giusti has challenged some of America's best chefs to help solve the problem with school lunches.
  • We rounded up our best Korean recipes and stories in this neat little package just for you.
  • It turns out that vegan kimchi is just as probiotic as the traditional stuff.
  • Your food-obsessed mom will be delighted by these gifts.
  • Want to further your wine knowledge? Do a blind tasting. Here's how.
  • California chef David Kinch tells us why he prefers to pair his food with Old World wines on Food Republic Today.
  • What is processed cheese really made of?
  • When you want absolute silence, head to the Flosshotel Glacier Lagoon in Iceland.