We’re psyched about the Winter Olympics this week, so we rounded up some great Korean dishes to enjoy during the opening ceremony. We also showed San Francisco some love with news about chef Dominique Crenn’s upcoming dinner series and Dandelion Chocolate’s guide to using cacao nibs at home. Down South, one of our editors learned to appreciate Southern dining culture. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Dominique Crenn has curated a very cool dinner series featuring all female chefs.
  2. Does your roast beef or pork need some pep? Make this fig and red wine sauce.
  3. Facebook sensation, Tasty, released a new cookbook and some of the one-star Amazon reviews are hilarious.
  4. Cacao nibs add bounds of texture and flavor to chocolate and baked goods. Here’s how to use them in your kitchen.
  5. Netflix original film Okja has more convincing power than any documentary out there. Why’s that?
  6. Cauliflower steaks get a lot of hate, but we’re here to tell you why they’re so, so good.
  7. Big cities can learn a thing or two about dining from the South.
  8. The Winter Olympics have started in PyeongChang! Time to cook up some of our favorite Korean dishes.
  9. What is etrog? Find out here.
  10. These chips are made with juice pulp!