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Learn all about ghee making with this excerpt.

Time to think outside of the box. Tired of butter? Make ghee. Want to venture into different cuts of meat? Take a listen to our conversation with Chris Cosentino on our podcast, Food Republic Today. Trying to be more environmentally friendly? Follow Christina Lecki’s lead. Want to make your bread? Start studying Claus Meyer’s guide to starters. We also binged the first three episodes of The Mind of a Chef on Facebook Watch, and brushed up on our knowledge of cheddar (real cheddar). All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Upgrade your life and kitchen by learning how to make ghee.
  2. The Mind of a Chef premiered its sixth season on Facebook Watch this week.
  3. Famed offal advocator Chris Cosentino made an appearance on Food Republic Today to talk all about brains, stomachs and more.
  4. Rethink the Philly cheesesteak and opt for mushrooms.
  5. New York chef Christina Lecki has some beef with the way the city composts.
  6. There’s more to cheddar than the mild stuff.
  7. Stare your dinner in the face and cook up a whole fish.
  8. Supper Love keeps recipes short so you can spend more time loving supper.
  9. How many of these Japanese food terms do you know?
  10. Need to troubleshoot your wheat or rye starter? Let Claus Meyer help you.