Home cooks rejoice! Renowned natural food pioneers The Moosewood Collective have a new cookbook out that will quickly become one of your favorites (as reliably happens with their phenomenal volumes). This Philly portobello steak sandwich is just the upgrade your hoagie game has been looking for. 

Moosewood’s Wynnie Stein grew up in Philly, home of the famous Pat’s Steaks. Her dad, Milt, has been eating steak sandwiches at Pat’s for at least seventy-five years and he still loves to go there. He remembers in his youth playing cards until the wee hours and then heading over to Pat’s so he could end the night eating his favorite sandwich. It cost fifteen cents. He would always eat two.

So, when Wynnie was asked to create a vegetarian version of this classic sandwich, she knew she’d better get it right. Milt thinks she did.

Reprinted with permission from The Moosewood Restaurant Table