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We rounded 20 mushroom recipes to fill up you all fall long.

Rules were broken in the recipe department this week. We read about deep frying mayonnaise, adding Guinness and Irish soda bread to French onion soup and learned all about the Baogel, the bao/bagel crossover. We also dished on the latest news on the controversy that shook up New Orleans’ dining scene. Mushrooms were on our mind, so we rounded up 20 rib-sticking recipes to equip you for the impending cold. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. The past five weeks in New Orleans’ dining world have been a whirlwind. Here’s the latest.
  2. Wylie Dufresne’s recipe for deep-fried mayonnaise is one for the ages.
  3. Burger King threw its hat into the anti-bullying ring and, frankly, we’re not impressed.
  4. Your sushi order says a lot about who you are.
  5. Beloved baos and bagels are getting a makeover, creating the Baogel.
  6. Up your Japanese noodle knowledge by learning about wafu pasta.
  7. Laden with fresh herbs, eating vegetarian in Vietnam is a totally unique treat.
  8. Cook up some hearty mushrooms on a cold night. Here are 20 recipes.
  9. Add a couple of Irish twists to the classic French onion soup. Get ready for that cheese pull.
  10. LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold released his 101 best restaurants list. Did your favorite spot make it?