Vegan Lobster, Harvey, Sushi: 10 Hot Topics On Food Republic

Veganism was onĀ our minds this week. We asked why one dairy company made the switch to nut milk. And to make sure lobster roll season is truly for all, we posted a recipe for a vegan version featuring hearts of palm. Some of our audience was less than pleased (but we'll get to that next week). We also rounded up our favorite sushi stories to help you further your sushi knowledge. All that and more on this week's Hot Topics.

  • Anheuser-Busch paused production to send canned water to Harvey victims.
  • Vegans shouldn't have to miss out on lobster roll season! This recipe will satisfy them.
  • This vegan milk producer used to sell dairy. Here's why they made the switch.
  • Want to master sushi culture? Here are five tips.
  • Recent reports show that Atlantic salmon have been swimming in the Pacific Northwest for a while.
  • This Colorado brewery is helping this professor and activist celebrate her birthday with a limited edition beer.
  • In England, a community fridge has been set up to reduce waste within the area.
  • This barbecue lobster only gets better when you smother it in smoked butter.
  • Don't grill just any hot dog and burgers this weekend. Grill these hot dogs and burgers.
  • Emerging rap artist Jazz Cartier is as meticulous with his work as he is with what he eats.