Black Tap’s all-American burger is a glorious one.

Finally, we’re placing the top bun on our Burger Week burger and taking a bite. From the best way to cook a burger (not grilled!) to all the ways a burger can be transformed into something shameful, we learned so much about one of America’s favorite meals. We also found out why peaches and kiwis make our mouths tingle and how spent grains from beer brewing can be incorporated into ice cream. Now that you’re armed with an extensive knowledge of burgers, go forth and conquer Memorial Day Weekend.

  1. This two-Michelin-star Chicago restaurant is incredibly well known for its burger.
  2. You probably aren’t eating burgers properly. Here’s an illustrated diagram to fix that problem.
  3. Got leftover roast beef? Wrap it up in Yorkshire pudding.
  4. Ever heard of hamburger ice cream? That’s just one way the world we live in has twisted the burger name.
  5. Does your mouth tingle when you eat a certain fruit or vegetable? If so, you may have oral allergy syndrome.
  6. What’s the easiest way to build a campfire? The Kamoto OpenFire Pit may be the answer.
  7. Want to pair your burger with wine? Follow the lead of these sommeliers.
  8. Joe Isidori of NYC’s Black Tap is so done with fancy burgers.
  9. The ice cream masters at Salt & Straw are gathering up food scraps from local purveyors in L.A., San Francisco and Portland to create new flavors for the month of June.
  10. What’s the first thing to know about cooking burgers? Find the answer in one of these eight cookbooks.