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Hungry for veggie tacos like these cauliflower ones? We rounded up our 10 favorite recipes.

It is with a full stomach that we bid farewell to our second annual Holy Frijoles Week! Chef Juan Pablo Loza made two insane molcajetes of guacamoles on our Facebook Live, we tested out our favorite vegetarian taco recipes and shared the Mexican cookbooks you need to add to your library. We also hung out with chef Dan Kluger of NYC’s Loring Place and watched him make a beet-tacular appetizer. All this and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. The James Beard Awards were announced this week. Here are the winners.
  2. We were live on Facebook with chef Juan Pablo Loza to make classic guacamole and a sweet and spicy variation.
  3. Can the Irish drink tequila like they drink whiskey?
  4. This orange polenta cake is naturally vegan and delicious. Here’s the recipe.
  5. Obsessed with cocktails? Check out this neat periodic table dedicated to these drinks.
  6. We rounded up our favorite vegetarian taco recipes for your vegetarian taco-loving selves.
  7. School lunches will be saying good bye to whole grain foods.
  8. San Francisco’s Nopalito released a cookbook and we spoke to the chef and author of the book.
  9. Revamp your Mexican recipe repertoire with these cookbooks.
  10. We visited Dan Kluger at Loring Place for our latest installation of Plate Deconstruction.