James Beard Awards, Georgia O'Keeffe, Rice: 10 Hot Topics On Food Republic

We were all about the books this week. We excerpted a guide to 19 types of rice, checked out the new Georgia O'Keeffe cookbook and absorbed ourselves in a book of food poetry. We also celebrated Pi(e) Day this week and congratulated the James Beard Awards finalists. Spring is about to start, and we can't wait to start cooking with baby leeks. All that and more on this week's Hot Topics.

  • How many types of rice are you familiar with? Study up on all 19.
  • The finalists for this year's James Beard Awards were announced.
  • Craving Asian fried chicken? We have five recipes to satisfy that craving.
  • Art and food mingle in Dinner With Georgia O'Keeffe, and we can't look away.
  • Slice your beets with a vegetable peeler and make beautiful ribbons. Pair with polenta.
  • Natural flavors are all the rage, but are they truly all-natural?
  • Mushroom fan? Read this poem about your favorite fungi and discover a brand-new appreciation for them.
  • We celebrate Pi(e) Day with 16 different and delicious pies.
  • Treat yourself to a sustainable-seafood dinner. Splurge a little and feel good about it.
  • Spring is so close! Baby leeks are in season.