Food writer, nutritionist and cookbook author Sarah Britton has a new collection of recipes out that every vegetarian should add to their library. These dishes are packed with the kind of flavor and nutrition that keep you full and satisfied. Polenta with beet ribbons and arugula pesto is about as beautiful as a plate gets. 

If you’re looking to serve something impressive and restaurant-worthy to guests, this dish is sure to fit the bill. Creamy polenta, rich arugula pesto, and sweet, earthy beets combine to create a harmonious, not to mention beautiful, meal. By simply slicing the roasted beets into thin ribbons and curling them around each other, you’ll end up with such a spectacular presentation that it will look like you’ve been to culinary school.

There are three elements to this dish, but both the roasted beets and the pesto can be made up to three days ahead of time, so all you have to do before serving is cook the polenta, making this very doable on a weeknight when you want to put something special on the table.

Rollover: Spread leftover pesto on toasted whole-grain bread and top with a poached egg.

Reprinted with permission from Naturally Nourished