We were all about learning from chefs this week. From their fitness routines to their mentors, we found out what NYC’s George Mendes does after running a marathon and where Greg Baxtrom gets his inspiration for his standout Brooklyn restaurant, Olmsted. We also tried out some diets — quite the full spectrum of them, in fact — and found the healthiest spices you should keep in your pantry. All that and more in this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto shows us mastering tamagoyaki isn’t hard.
  2. You can lose weight while eating whatever you want. Believe it!
  3. This Boston chef stays fit by powerlifting and sticking to a wellness routine.
  4. North Korean refugees try American BBQ for the first time in this video.
  5. The Louisiana craft beer scene is booming! Here’s a guide.
  6. These are the healthiest spices out there. Stock your pantry now.
  7. A butcher and chef gave our Instagram followers a tour of their pork-filled shop.
  8. This New York chef runs marathons, then caters the after-parties.
  9. The James Beard Awards may be in Chicago, but the Jean Banchet Awards still run the city.
  10. In our latest episode of New Chefs Rising, we visit Greg Baxtrom’s Olmsted in Brooklyn, where he tells us about being mentored by Chicago’s Greg Achatz and more.