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The pintxos spread at Cooks and Soldiers in Atlanta.

Let’s break down this busy week here at Food Republic. We compiled food guides to two of our favorite, albeit extraordinarily different places, Atlanta and Sicily. On the chef front, we rounded up an impressive number of instances in which Jamie Oliver has managed to piss someone off and prepped ourselves for the launch of Eddie Huang’s chef-sneaker line. Primer time! We got the lowdown on chile peppers, lobster mince and table wine. And where would we be without a healthy dose of seasonal recipes? Check out the formulas for smoked eggplant dip and a variety of treats for National Taco Day. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  1. Headed to Sicily? We’ve got the restaurant scene covered.
  2. You’ve heard the term “table wine.” But what does it mean?
  3. Here is everything you need to know about chile peppers.
  4. Behold: 10 places to eat incredibly well in Atlanta right now.
  5. On the heels of Eddie Huang’s release, a brief history of “chef shoes.”
  6. A few of the times Jamie Oliver has pissed people off.
  7. How to make MishMish’s famous smoked eggplant dip.
  8. Let’s hack some egg yolks, lemons, salad greens and bananas!
  9. What is lobster mince? We investigate.
  10. Forget to celebrate National Taco Day? There’s still time with these recipes!