We went big this week. Think the size of the Earth big. That’s right, we had all things global on our minds. We found incredible vegetarian-friendly meals in Guatemala, discovered a briny little secret in New Zealand, got to know some sweet treats from China and Portugal and got very familiar with the anatomy of Thai curries. We also have all the details on where Anthony Bourdain is traveling in the upcoming season of Parts Unknown. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. We delve deep into the wide, heavily spiced world of Thai curries.
  2. This Cajun crab dip with garlic-herb roll dippers is a big, big dipper.
  3. How familiar are you with Ethiopian cuisine? Indonesian? Filipino? Bolivian?
  4. You need to get to know the custardy Portuguese pastéis de nata pastry.
  5. The scoop on where Anthony Bourdain is traveling this season on Parts Unknown.
  6. We got to know the many faces of the traditional mooncake.
  7. This is one pink wine you need to know: Italy’s Cerasuolo.
  8. The New Zealand Bluff oyster is the sweet, briny mollusk you need to slurp.
  9. How do you make great cocktails at home without looking like a pretentious jerk?
  10. It’s surprisingly easy to find amazing vegetarian options in Guatemala.