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NYC's Domodomo is the city's first restaurant to focus primarily on hand rolls.

Which nonalcoholic drink is “better than Viagra”? Whoa. What a way to lead off the week here at Food Republic! After you read up on that one, check out our extensive coverage of Japanese cuisine — we’ve got all the best spots to eat sushi, ramen and more in NYC and answered five burning questions that ranged from different types of eel to how exactly teriyaki is made. On the travel front, we headed to Vietnam to learn how to make bun bo hue (aka the Vietnamese soup not named pho), scoured the impressive food scene in Rotterdam and previewed the culinary offerings in Rio de Janeiro ahead of the start of the Olympics. Looking to cook this weekend? Try out our killer new potato and onion skewer recipe! All that and more on this week’s Top Stories on Food Republic.

  1. Here’s our ultimate guide to eating Japanese food in NYC.
  2. Chef Rob Newton teaches us to make the Vietnamese soup bun bo hue.
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  4. Killer sides: Make these grilled new potato and onion skewers.
  5. We’ve answered five of your burning questions about Japanese food.
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  7. Just how smart is the Bradley Smart Smoker? We tested it out.
  8. Drink your buttermilk. Why? “It’s better than Viagra!”
  9. Why is this indicted seafood mogul still buying more fishing boats?
  10. Headed to the Olympics? Here’s where to eat and drink in Rio de Janeiro.