New York chef Robert Newton, who traveled extensively in Vietnam while gearing up to open his Brooklyn restaurant, Nightingale 9, found himself captivated by the soup.

“One of the best bowls of soup I had in all of Vietnam was from the bun bo hue lady at Dong Ba,” says Newton, referring to the bustling central market, crammed with stalls, where one can buy jewelry, dried fish, cookware, hot soup, umbrellas, shrimp paste and much more. “Bun bo hue is soulful and rich and delicious and complex. It’s spicier than most Vietnamese soups. It’s just incredibly dynamic. I think it’s one of Vietnam’s greatest dishes.”

When he returned to the States and opened Nightingale 9, Newton put a version of bun bo hue on his menu. “It’s not the most authentic version, but it has a really badass broth,” he says about this recipe.

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