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As the weather warms up, so do our topics. We fired up our grills for some delicious steaks and got heated over the fact that the good people of these United States have no clue about DNA and genetically modified foods. We then cooled down with blue fin tuna, courtesy of NYC’s Sushi Zo, where chef Masa Ito sliced into some fresh tuna flown in from Japan. We also enjoyed a bowl of poke and some history while checking out the good eats in the hidden gastronomic gem that is San Bernardino County. We finished it all off with a glass of organic beer. All that and more on this week’s 10 Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  1. The hot dog is officially a sandwich. But who cares? Here are 12 reasons to love the link.
  2. We were live at New York City’s Sushi Zo, where chef Masa Ito showed off his blue fin tuna and sick knife skills.
  3. Apparently a bunch of Americans didn’t pay attention in science class and think vegetables don’t have DNA.
  4. We recognize that poke has been a Hawaiian staple for years now. But why has it only reached the East Coast now? Here’s the raw truth about the fish dish.
  5. Our grills are out, and we’re throwing Floyd Cardoz’s red wine–marinated hanger steak on the barbie.
  6. These are the crispiest onion rings you’ll ever make. Period.
  7. Hold that tongue. Did you know that grilled beef tongue is more flavorful than a juicy rib eye?
  8. Need an escape from Los Angeles? Here’s your guide to where to eat in San Bernardino County.
  9. Hong Kong’s chef Chan Yan Tak went from poverty to three — count them, three — Michelin stars.
  10. We’ve heard of organic beer, but what is it? We dug deeper.