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No list of luxury holiday food gifts would be complete without a big ol' leg of jamón Ibérico.

Meatballs. “Sunday sauce.” Burgers. They’re all pretty basic comfort foods…or are they? We took a look at how to class up your homemade chicken meatballs and load up your “Sunday sauce” with all sorts of meaty goodness, while reflecting on the $20 New York burger, a sad new city standard. On the home front, we spoke to a professional about the complex process behind opening and operating a food truck and learned all about a brand-new designer “chef’s purse.” We also took trips to Paris and the south of Spain to learn about cooking school and jamón ibérico. Mmmm, jamón ibérico. All that and more on this week’s 10 Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  1. Chicken meatballs = underrated. Here’s how to make them well at home.
  2. Looking to open a food truck? Read these ten tips from a pro.
  3. How do you make “Sunday sauce”? We asked our resident butcher.
  4. What makes jamón ibérico the best ham? We went to Spain to find out!
  5. Craving a burger in New York City? That’ll be (at least) $20.
  6. Pastry chef Tiffany MacIsaac shares ten things she hates.
  7. What is fish sauce caramel? We’ve got all the answers here.
  8. What is it actually like going to cooking school in Paris?
  9. A recipe for spelt spaghetti with sausage sauce? Yes, please!
  10. Dooney & Bourke made a chef’s purse! We’ve got the scoop.