We pride ourselves on learning straight from the mouths of culinary experts here at Food Republic —that is, from chefs themselves. This week was no exception, as we shot an exclusive video of Dominique Ansel putting together his latest magical creation, spoke with David Santos about food “crazes” and dutifully followed the duck confit and rillettes recipe provided to us by the guys at Portland’s famed Olympia Provisions. We also did some reporting of our own, compiling a guide to everything you need to know about eggs, emulsions, cooking with animal heads, judging barbecue competitions and dining on the high seas. All that and more, on this week’s Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  1. What is the future of bone broth? We asked an expert. And a psychic.
  2. Chef David Santos has something to say about food crazes and trends.
  3. Cooking with animal heads — yes, heads — is both easy and nutritious.
  4. Here are five things you learn from judging barbecue competitions.
  5. Watch an exclusive video of Dominique Ansel assembling his latest creation.
  6. You’ve definitely heard about the WHO’s report on red meats causing cancer.
  7. Organic? Cage-free? Non-GMO? Everything you need to know about eggs.
  8. Behold: Olympia Provisions’ duck confit and rillettes recipe.
  9. Mickey Moose: A report on fine dining with Disney on the high seas.
  10. What is an emulsion? Let’s take a look.