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Confit or rillettes? It's an Olympia Provisions choose-your-own-adventure where everyone wins!

One of our most anticipated cookbooks of the season is here! Olympia Provisions, the famed house of American charcuterie in Portland, Oregon, opens its superb recipe collection to cured meat fans everywhere. That’s right: You can do this at home. Pick up a copy and some curing salt and get yourself to a butcher, stat!

Slow-cooking meat in its own fat is grand, but the truly great quality of this recipe has to be the flavor from the fresh garlic, ginger, and sweet spices — in other words, the rub.

I’ve created a choose-your-own-adventure below: One path will lead you to a warm duck confit, the other to succulent rillettes topped with crackled duck skin. There is no right way, only different moods. Confit for dinner, rillettes for lunch?

Notes: Curing salt #1 is optional in this recipe. It will aid in color and preservation but is by no means necessary. This is a three-day recipe with five hours of hands-on time.

Reprinted with permission from Olympia Provisions