Chefs For Farmers Returns To Dallas With Butcher Block Party

What better way to celebrate the relationship between chefs and farmers than to spend a weekend in Dallas, Texas eating and drinking the fruits of said chefs' and farmers' labors? Created by FT33's Matt McCallister and his wife, Iris, Chefs for Famers runs from October 23-25 and is split up into four events: Butcher Block Party, Culinary Village and a Chef Dinner at FT33 as the kickoff.

The festival's newest event, the Butcher Block, will feature a panel of judges, including Food Republic's editorial director, Richard Martin, who will decide whose meat reigns supreme. Joining the judging panel are the Local Palate's Hayley Phillips, Post & Courier's Hanna Raskin, Epicurious' Matt Duckor and Meat Fight's Alice Laussade.

Some of FR's favorites, like chefs Chad Houser, Blaine Staniford, Matt Bolus and Craig Deihl and bartender Alba Huerta, will make appearances and show off their crafts throughout the weekend.

The festival caps off with the Culinary Village, which is exactly as it sounds. Over 120 tents will be dedicated to feeding festivalgoers at this all-you-can-eat feast.

Proceeds from the event go directly to participating farmers and chef Houser's Café Momentum, where he teaches at-risk youth the ins and outs of the kitchen. Tickets to all the events except the sold-out Chef Dinner are available here.