You can make creamed spinach, or you can whip up a way more versatile dish, slap a fried egg on it and really impress everyone. Make the right choice.

Chef Blaine Staniford has been a force in the kitchen since graduating from the Culinary Institute at age 19. With an armful of “best of” awards from around the country, he currently helms the kitchen at Fort Worth fine-dining hot spot Grace, where creamed spinach is simply not enough. 

“Grace is surrounded by three powerful steak houses in downtown Fort Worth, and because of that, we all share a lot of the same clientele,” says the chef. “I wanted to make a side item that would go well with our steak program but also complement our other entrées. I love creamed spinach, but it’s so overused, so I developed this recipe that adds baby kale, plus a touch of spice. A sunny-side up farm egg goes on top, and it’s garnished with aged Parmesan and buttered panko bread crumbs. Guests love this new menu item so much, some even order it for their entrée!”

Try it for breakfast (or any time, clearly) with a thick slice of crusty bread. This recipe will serve a big crowd, so feel free to halve it.