8 Recipes To Make At Home With Better Soy Sauce

You may have a sticky bottle of Kikkoman in the fridge, or just a few packets left over from a recent Chinese delivery order, but perhaps you're such a soy-sauce enthusiast that you've gotten your hands on some small-batch soy sauce, aged in repurposed oak bourbon barrels. Upgrade your condiment, and your cuisine will follow suit. Here are eight recipes that make good use of a better bottle.

Make Hawaiian Ahi Poke At Home!

Grab a big hunk of fresh tuna and get to chopping

While the SoulCycle set spends their days sipping cold-pressed juice, Hawaiians just sit back and laugh at them. That's because they've got their own version of health food and it tastes a helluva lot better than that bowl of quinoa. It's poke (POH-kay) and it's basically a bowl of cubed raw fish with seasoning.
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Soba Noodles With Shiitake Mushrooms And Radish Recipe

Put on your pj's, earmark this recipe, and move on to a different chapter.

Black Cod Brûlée Recipe

You get to use beer or wine. And a blowtorch.

If you're a fan of cooking with beer...only like, REALLY cooking with beer, The American Craft Beer Cookbook is a volume that should never leave your kitchen. Now grab a bottle and a fish fillet and make this delicious dinner happen. Continue reading >>

Yakko Tofu Bites Recipe

A vegetarian appetizer recipe starring cold tofu

I tend to take a lesson from Japan when it comes to refreshing dishes, and have a particular fondness for chilled tofu with soy sauce, scallions and ginger — hiyayakko tofu. It happens to make a light, delicious vegetarian hors d'oeuvre that's visually stimulating to boot. Continue reading >>

Mapo Tofu With Crispy Chinese Sausage Recipe

Dig into this spicy stewed Chinese comfort food

Mapo tofu is Max Sussman's desert-island Meal. As in, if you had to live on a desert island and could have only one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be? That question doesn't make any sense. How could you be stuck on a desert island with a lifetime supply of mapo tofu, or any other dish, for that matter? Totally illogical question, same honest answer: mapo tofu. Continue reading >>

Crispy Walnut Sweet & Sour Stir-Fry Recipe

These are the crunchiest walnuts you've ever eaten

This recipe is part of Crispianity: a column devoted to all foods crispy and crunchy, two of the most underappreciated attributes of a great dish. Author Adeena Sussman is a food writer and recipe developer, pairing here with her photographer friend Evan Sung. Check out this stir-fry recipe starring walnuts, deep-fried first for an earth-shattering crunch. Continue reading >>

Wagyu Gunkan Sushi Recipe

Sink into these Japanese steak battleships

If you've always wanted to try steak tartare, but were hesitant about a forkful of red beef, now's the time. Use the highest quality meat you can find to put any lingering health queries to rest. Tempered by warm, tangy sushi rice and smooth, creamy quail egg yolk, this battleship of tender, finely chopped wagyu is sure to please. Continue reading >>

The Slanted Door's Famous Pork-And-Shrimp Wontons With Spicy Chile Oil Recipe

Meaty wontons all spiced up

Charles Phan, chef-owner of San Francisco's pioneering the Slanted Door, was boiling up bowls of Vietnamese noodle soup long before most Americans had ever heard of pho — or knew how to pronounce it properly. That is to say, way before it was cool. Continue recipe >>