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Photo: Sam Horine
Tiny little tofu bites to keep you satisfied.

I can’t help but notice how warm weather food in America consists of as many spoil-prone mayo-laden side salads you can fit on a picnic table. I tend to take a lesson from Japan when it comes to refreshing dishes, and have a particular fondness for chilled tofu with soy sauce, scallions and ginger — hiyayakko tofu. It happens to make a light, delicious vegetarian hors d’oeuvre that’s visually stimulating to boot. 

Everyone has their favorite consistency of tofu…except maybe me. I like them all, and can attest that this recipe is delicious whether you’re a silken man or more of an extra-firm dude. If you’re using silken, keep in mind that it’s very delicate when draining and can fall apart if you don’t handle it tenderly, like a rectangular newborn baby made of bean curd. If you have any left over, just toss them in a stir-fry — they’ll be nice and pre-marinated.