As the weather (slowly) cools down, we’re getting back in the kitchen. We poured over Recipe Shorts, whipped a bunch of savory white beans for truffled mushrooms and baked with the women behind New York’s King. We thought a lot about our favorite animated shows and their relationships with food, chatted with some podcasters about chain restaurants, learned about ankimo and revealed our favorite sleeper hit restaurants. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. This Indonesian startup is using seaweed as sustainable, eco-friendly food packaging.
  2. Drizzle truffle oil over wild mushrooms and whipped white beans for a satisfying vegetarian dinner.
  3. Recipe Shorts features all your favorite recipes in three sentences each.
  4. Tired of going to the same overly popular NYC restaurants? These five sleeper hits will are sure to keep you interested.
  5. Cartoon Network has long had a love affair with food.
  6. France welcomed its first Costco with surprisingly open arms.
  7. We chatted with the comedians behind the only podcast about chain restaurants.
  8. This video game encourages you to play with your food.
  9. We stopped by King in New York to see how their chocolate tart is made.
  10. Monkfish liver, otherwise known as ankimo, is an underrated piece of sushi you need to know about.