Packaging Genius: This Plastic Wrapping Is Entirely Edible

What if you could eat the packaging off your food instead of sending it to 1,000 years of landfill doom? Indonesian startup company Evoware has developed just the thing.

Using seaweed, Evoware created a packaging wrap that is edible, biodegradable and dissolvable by hot water, according to Fast Company. Plus, it's good for you! Seaweed is high in fiber and packed with vitamins. It is also naturally halal, an important and appealing factor for Muslims, who make up a majority of Indonesia's population.

Evoware plans to make dissolvable packages of instant coffee, sugar and seasonings in instant noodles. Instead of opening tiny plastic packets and tossing them in the trash, these packets will disintegrate as boiling water is poured on top.

As we discussed last week in the case of kelp jerky, seaweed absorbs a great deal of the carbon dioxide in the sea, making it a great crop to grow. Not only is the startup focused on eco-friendliness, the increase in demand will help seaweed farmers raise more revenue.

The company also makes edible cups, so you can live like Willy Wonka himself. Learn more about the project in the video below.