Nour is the art-driven, super-satisfying game that directly contradicts all the times you were told not to not play with your food.

Created by game developer TJ Hughes, a.k.a Terrifying Jellyfish, Nour allows you to launch boba pearls into tea, drop noodles into a bowl, grind cubes of meat, pop corn and much more. It’ll also let you toss that popcorn every which way, dump as many slices of char siu pork into your ramen as you like and discover “mystery ingredients,
all to a soundtrack filled with super-smooth jams. The best part of Nour, besides the fact that nobody has to clean up afterwards, is that it’s entirely experimental and objective-less — there are no rules. Button-mash away, you’ll win no matter what ends up on your plate.

The game will be compatible with PCs and Macs and can be played with a midi controller or regular keyboard. Hughes is working to include the following foods to the game: sushi, avocado toast, doughnuts, bento boxes and more.

Currently, slated for a 2018 release, Nour is in production and is getting funded through Kickstarter. The campaign is live for one more week and is about $7,000 short of its goal. Rewards include shirts, beta access to play the game before it’s released to the public, prints and a Nour “cookbook,” which outlines how to make your very own 3D model of flying toast (and whatnot).

h/t Nerdist