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Keep it light and fresh with this veggie-packed stromboli recipe.

We caught a bit of a shopping bug this week when Amazon Prime Day gave us the opportunity to revamp our kitchens. We also talked to Josh Grinker of Kings County Imperial in Brooklyn about shopping for woks, one of the most important tools in his kitchen. In the Food Republic library, we dove nose-first into Marissa A. Ross’ new book, Wine. All The Time, as well as Tim Hayward’s Knife. Vegetable-forward dishes like a vegan stromboli and beet salad were on the table in time for peak summer heat. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. We hopped over to Loring Place in NYC to see how chef and restaurateur Dan Kluger makes his Brussels sprouts pizza.
  2. The internet celebrated Amazon Prime Day on Tuesday. We found the best kitchen deals so you didn’t have to.
  3. The Catholic church won’t allow gluten-free wafers to be served at Communion.
  4. Food writer Tim Hayward wrote an ode to French knives.
  5. Here’s what’s trending in New York’s summer restaurant scene.
  6. This stromboli is completely vegan and delicious. Here’s the recipe.
  7. Add some color to your salads with beets. We rounded up 12 ways to do so.
  8. Shopping for a new wok? Here are five things to look out for.
  9. Chef Dave Santos is a huge Game of Thrones fan and he’s got the tasting menu to prove it.
  10. Want to become knowledgeable about wine quickly while having fun? Wine. All The Time. is the book for you.