We took a bite out of a very heated topic this week: cultural appropriation. We spoke to New York chef Alex Stupak about his tacos and pondered whether or not food can really be appropriated. Fermentation was also a topic this week, in the forms of sourdough starter, outstanding craft beer and a bonus scene form Fermented, a documentary film about the foods that bubble and turn for the better. We also spoke to Portland chef Katy Millard about the genius behind her stoner cookies. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Is food an “authentic” example of cultural appropriation? We discuss.
  2. Thinking of making a sourdough starter? Follow these tips from expert baker Zachary Golper.
  3. Is your Burmese cuisine knowledge lacking? Start with this recipe for stir-fried chicken with mint.
  4. Portland chef Katy Millard is perfectly fine with keeping out of the popular restaurant areas.
  5. New York’s Alex Stupak says what he does at Empellón isn’t appropriation.
  6. What happens when chefs Edward Lee and Stuart Brioza cook together? Things get funky.
  7. How did American cognac come to be? Find out in this excerpt of FR contributor Tom Acitelli’s latest book, Whiskey Business.
  8. Add more arugula to your diet. Here are 10 dishes to get you started.
  9. We’ve written about a lot of beers over the years. Here are 100 of our top recommendations.
  10. It’s now rosé season! Make your own color chart for your next tasting.