Efficiency was the name of the game this week on Food Republic. We found a smartly designed drip coffee maker, learned about Seoul’s amazing food waste reduction system and how Bangladesh is serving up cleaner street food to the masses. We also found a fun and nerdy way to learn more about wine and how to purge clams as if we were on the coasts of Tuscany. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics.

  1. Wine and science collide in this periodic table-style wine infographic.
  2. Learn how to purge clams the Italian way in this excerpt.
  3. This recipe for slow cooked dan dan noodles will change the way you slurp for good.
  4. In Bangladesh, food carts are getting a clean makeover.
  5. National Grilled Cheese Day landed on Wednesday and we rounded up our meltiest recipes.
  6. This drip coffee maker may be the best-designed one out there.
  7. The first ever food history magazine needs your help to become a reality.
  8. You’ve heard of tom yum soup, but do you know what tom yum paste is?
  9. Taiwan became the first Asian country to ban the consumption of cat and dog meat.
  10. Seoul’s food waste management practices are setting new standards.