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Slow cook a batch of dan dan noodle sauce and skip the takeout tonight!

You love your slow cooker and we love ours! It’s one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen, and will never fall out of favor, so we’re big fans of blogger Kelly Kwok’s new cookbook. While you may think of beef stews and other long braises when it comes to this device, consider Asian food. Not every Asian dish is slow cooker-friendly, but the ones that are can certainly benefit from “set it and forget it!” Here’s how to make slow cooker dan dan noodles, a beloved Sichuan comfort food. 

Dan dan noodles is a classic Chinese Sichuan dish with a rich and spicy meat sauce served over soft egg noodles. For this version, I left out the preserved vegetables and scaled down the spice level slightly. If you are a spice fiend, feel free to up the chili oil.

Reprinted with permission from The Asian Slow Cooker