New Orleans Eats, Late-Night Bites, Pairing Weed And Food: Top Stories On Food Republic

There's jet-setting, and then there's what we did this week at Food Republic. We ate like kings during short jaunts to Monte Carlo and the Azores islands, then returned Stateside to round up our favorite late-night bites in Chicago before heading to the annual drinking marathon known as Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Speaking of Tales of the Cocktail, be sure to consult our guide to experiencing the festivities like a pro if you find yourself down there. As if all that doesn't sound like enough fun, we took a crash course in pairing marijuana with food. Fun indeed. We also answered a couple questions about ingredients in Japanese cuisine, wrote a letter to "spirit fetishists," and made a killer tamarind-honey shrimp recipe. All that and more on this week's Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  • These are the hottest ten restaurants right now in New Orleans.
  • Jeffrey Morgenthaler writes an open letter to "spirit fetishists."
  • We learned how to pair marijuana with food. Yes, really.
  • What are the differences between freshwater and saltwater eel?
  • Drunken munchies in Chicago? Here are the city's best late-night bites.
  • Here is where to eat in Monte Carlo.
  • Are you at Tales of the Cocktail? Here are tips on experiencing it like a pro.
  • The Azores! Ten essential food and drinks from the Portuguese islands.
  • This tamarind-honey shrimp recipe is as sweet — and sour — as it sounds.
  • What are firefly squid? Tiny and beautiful, yes, but they pack a flavor punch!