Fall is inching its way closer to us, and we’ve got our bags packed for our ventures to all the new openings in the Mid-Atlantic and Portland, Oregon. We may even make a stop down South and catch some college football at LSU. We’ve also been busy in the kitchens. Some of us here are native Californians who miss all things In-N-Out, so we made our own grilled cheeses, straight off the secret menu. All that and more on this week’s Hot Topics on Food Republic.

  1. These are the new restaurants we’re most excited for in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  2. Can’t make it to Feast Portland? Don’t worry. Here are 10 new places to eat and drink super-well in Portland, Oregon.
  3. Don’t let the end of grilling season stop you from buying ground meat. Think meatballs, meatloaf and Bolognese.
  4. These crayfish cakes will make you forget crab ever existed.
  5. If In-N-Out is too far away, here’s a step-by-step tutorial for their grilled cheese. Secret Sauce included.
  6. It’s all about design at these new restaurants opening this fall.
  7. Tailgating not enough? Here are some great places to eat before and after the game at LSU.
  8. Millennials are obsessed with food, but why? This writer has a theory.
  9. Food Crimes uncovered the sticky and not-so-sweet happenings at the Peanut Corporation of America.
  10. Pumpkin-flavored anything is over. Try this perfect pumpkin-less fall cocktail.