When I go to California, there are two things that I must consume: tacos and In-N-Out. It’s easy to make great tacos at home, but not so much the In-N-Out. But I want In-N-Out more often than I visit the Golden State, so I figured out how to approximate it at home. That’s what we’re doing here today. But I can’t be eating burgers all the time. (I have to at least pretend to be healthy sometimes.) So I started making In-N-Out grilled cheese (which you can totally order, by the way, at any In-N-Out), and by my logic that means I can eat as many as I want! And let me tell you, you will be wanting to eat these on the regs, for sure.

Break out a platter of these In-N-Out grilled cheese sandwiches and lower your head to receive the subsequent crown of awesome.

We’re going animal-style with these, obviously, so the key is in the onions. They’re not caramelized; they’re grilled. What does that mean? They’re not going to cook as long, and that’s about it. Make this at home, and impress your friends who don’t live in California anymore but talk about their love of In-N-Out more than you’d care to hear.

OH! I almost forgot. If you’re thinking, “This is dumb, I want a real burger,” then by all means add some meat to this bad boy! Insider tip: The patties at In-N-Out run about three ounces precooked.