The Big Changes You'll See At McDonald's In 2024

McDonald's has been in business since 1940, but the burger chain isn't resting on its laurels. Big changes are in the works for the company in 2024, including expansion of a new spin-off chain whose first location has already launched.

CosMc's is the new restaurant franchise in McDonald's ever-expanding universe, with the first location opening in Illinois in December 2023. More locations for this beverage-focused chain are coming soon, and food will be available, too (including traditional McDonald's favorites). Speaking of the menu, McDonald's has announced that its signature Big Mac burger will be available in an even bigger version, the Double Big Mac. 

Perhaps the biggest news on the burger front is that McDonald's beef patties and buns have gotten a makeover for 2024. The former will be juicier with more evenly-melted cheese, when required, and the latter will be softer than ever, per Delish. Did we mention McDonald's has also partnered with Google Cloud to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its mobile app and service platforms? Well, that's also happening, according to a recent press release. Looks like 2024 is going to be a banner year at the Golden Arches.

What is CosMc's and where are locations slated to open?

Traditionalists needn't fret about the launch of McDonald's spin-off franchise, CosMc's. Classic McDonald's stores are expanding, too, with 10,000 new locations forecasted to open around the globe by 2027. Meanwhile, a slightly smaller number of CosMc's locations will open this year. The first already launched in Bolingbrook, Illinois in December, and an estimated 10 more will open in or around Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio, Texas later this year. Exceedingly lines have been a regular occurrence at the Bolingbrook store, so we know that the hype is real (and that this singular store will soon get some help with managing it).

Beverages are the featured element of the CosMc menu, from coffees and teas to juices and slushies. All items are up for customizations, as well. Customers ordering a Churro Cold Brew Frappé, S'mores Cold Brew, or Blueberry Ginger Boost, for a few examples, can also ask for popping boba, a boost of Vitamin C, and other optional upgrades. Tasty food items will also be available, from McDonald's staples like the Egg McMuffin to a Spicy Queso and Creamy Avocado Tomatillo sandwich. Pretzel Bites are another fun offering, and come complete with dipping sauces.

The changes in McDonald's hamburgers for 2024

If the CosMc's menu sounds delicious, wait until you hear about the changes McDonald's has made to its signature hamburgers. Or better yet, just visit a location near you to find out for yourself, as the new burger initiatives have already been integrated in stores across the U.S.

McDonald's has made changes to almost every aspect of its burger-making methodology, from cooking fewer patties at a time (six rather than eight) to get a better sear and juicier texture, and ensuring more freshness in veggie fixings like pickles and lettuce. Brioche buns are also now being sliced thicker (at least on the bottom) to help the sandwiches retain heat. That's not all — McDonald's has even changed the spacing of sesame seeds on its buns to improve the overall taste of the product.

These upgrades will be evident in a new addition to the McDonald's menu. We're talking about the Double Big Mac, whose comeback was recently announced by the company. The sandwich is only back for a limited time, so curious customers will want to sample it soon and enjoy its four all-beef patties, plus the aforementioned meltier cheese and fresher onions, lettuce, and pickles.

What to know about McDonald's partnership with Google Cloud

What else could McDonald's have in store for customers this year? According to the burger chain, it's also partnering with Google Cloud to integrate generative artificial intelligence into its service platforms. New hardware and software, for example, are expected to upgrade the official McDonald's mobile app and loyalty program, as well as the self-service ordering kiosks found in many of its restaurants.

New operational features courtesy of Google Distributed Cloud are expected to be launched at thousands of McDonald's locations in 2024, with teams from both companies working together at McDonald's global innovation center (Speedee Labs) to help improve the restaurant experience for customers and staff alike. The company states that speedier operations are a priority and Google Cloud will bring "information storage and high powered computing into individual restaurants." Faster service operations and technological improvements will hopefully make McDonald's other exciting 2024 changes even better.