McDonald's CosMc Menu Could Be Bad News For Starbucks

Less mystery now surrounds CosMc, McDonald's latest restaurant concept, which is getting ready to open in Bolingbrook, Illinois. On November 29, 2023, user @Stealx on X, formerly known as Twitter, managed to sneak what they claim are a few pictures of the unreleased menu while the company was apparently shooting promotional material for the store. It didn't take long for foodies on social media to get excited about CosMc's anticipated food and drink items, which seem to compete with other café-style venues in the U.S., such as Starbucks.

Could McDonald's replace Starbucks as the next big name in café culture? The new CosMc menu appears to focus on customizable cold craft beverages, such as iced teas, slushies, and frappés. McDonald's did not hold back on its drink options either, offering a wide variety of flavors like blackberry mint, churro, and pomegranate hibiscus, seemingly available to customers at launch. Additionally, CosMc presents what appears to be an expanded take on McCafé's menu, with classics like the Egg McMuffin featured alongside new breakfast sandwiches and hot coffee. Unfortunately, the recently discontinued McCafé bakery sweets are nowhere to be seen.

CosMc gets its namesake from a retired alien mascot

According to an October 2023 press release, McDonald's global systemwide sales increased by 11% in its third quarter, signifying an uptick in sales and popularity. This trend is likely partially attributed to the virality of other McDonaldland characters like Grimace, who comes with his own lore (apparently, he's a giant taste bud). CosMc follows a similar ethos, being based on a retired alien mascot of the same name.

As of now, the fictional alien does not appear to be on the exterior of the new CosMc building, but space-themed buzzwords and imagery are featured in the menu, and the location appears to boast four distinct drive-thru lanes. The grand opening date and the interior of the first CosMc are yet to be revealed, but it's likely to align with McDonald's larger rebranding efforts, which include various fancy pop-ups around the globe.